<hero description="Hello fellow Jammers! Do you want a rare long black spiked collar? Its simple. Just keep in mind that we cannot transfer it to any "back up" or "storage" users. It has to be on a member user. So all you need to do, is email your AJ username and password to and she will log on at AJHQ within five minutes and grant the rare long black spiked collar to your account. It does take five minutes to transfer, so do not log in for five minutes, or the spiked collar cannot be granted. We reassure you that this is completely safe and we want to stop scamming. Have a safe and happy time, jammers!" imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>

No I'm sorry littleninjastar is a scammer go report her she is lying and getting others to go against v29071Edit

No I'm sorry my real username is littleninjastar! I was just pretending to be v29071 to get people to go against her! SAME THING WITH DOGSFOREVER1234 YOUR NEXT!

then cutie17808